Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello to anyone who has taken the time to seek me out!  I have lots of ideas for this blog.  They are mostly  about the art world.  Some are about colored pencils.

Here is a little about me.  I live in northeastern Wyoming between Sundance and Upton. My husband and I have a ranch and we raise cattle.  We have three Children.  The oldest, Brenna, is married and just graduated from school with a degree in art education.  She is the blonde in many of my paintings.  She just gave me my first grand baby on January 7th.  Her name is Noella and she is BEAUTIFUL!  My second daughter is Maura and she is the young brunette in many of my paintings.  She is in middle school.  My youngest son is Jamison and he also models for me.  My husband Tom is a real cowboy.  He's tall and handsome but, I have only created one painting of him.

I live in a house that was built by my grandfather in 1931 and that I came home from the hospital to as a newborn.  It's a lovely two story bungalow type.  I raise a lot of flowers especially peonies.  I have nine peony bushes in my yard.  I also raise a lot of other flowers.  My mother has the prettiest gardens of anyone. That is her passion and I hope to create hundreds of paintings from her gardens.  My favorite that my mother grows are old fashioned roses.

If you haven't noticed the previous two paragraphs are also about my favorite subjects to paint/draw.  The other passion of mine is animals.  I live in the boonies of Wyoming and am so fortunate to have wildlife at my door (Except when they eat my cats).  My favorite subject with animals are the bison.  I drive by them a lot in my travels.  I also attend the yearly buffalo run at the Custer State Park in South Dakota.

I read recently that in order to make a name for yourself you have to limit your subjects.  Well,  I can limit to three but I won't limit any more than that.  However, I plan on doing a few architectural paintings in the future and a snowy landscape or two....

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  1. Loved reading about you and your family and your art! Your life sounds lovely! Your art is beautiful...truly beautiful. I shall look forward to checking back and seeing what's new in your world. And have fun with Noella! Nothing better than grandkids! I'm blocking out Feb 15 to the end of March since our 3rd little one is due somewhere in that timeframe. I want to be available to hop in the car and take off for Memphis on a whim! Good luck with the blog. You're off to a great start!